Community Engagement

Our vision for the restoration of the Hornsey Town Hall site is to create a high quality development that stands the test of time and retains a strong community focus.

We are committed to engaging with local residents, community groups and businesses throughout the process to ensure that together we can deliver a scheme to make Crouch End proud. We have already held initial meetings with Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust, Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society, Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum, Crouch End Festival and Hornsey Historical Society. If you represent a local group which is interested in the restoration of the Town Hall and would like to meet to discuss the proposals, please do get in touch.

Below are the principles which we commit to applying to all of our community engagement.


Principles of Engagement


Open and transparent

All consultation and contact with stakeholders will be fundamentally open and transparent. We will host events where senior members of the project team are available to answer questions. If you contact us we will endeavour to answer all queries in a timely and detailed manner. We will share all relevant information publically at the earliest opportunity, in a format which is simple to understand.

Honesty and clarity

We will be honest about how local people can inform the proposals. For example, we are particularly interested in hearing your views about the Town Square and community uses of the Town Hall. Other elements are more fixed, either because of the historical and technical features of the site, or because of the commercial basis which will enable investment and renovation.

Genuinely collaborative

We will build regular updates into the engagement process and share a feedback report. This report will detail how feedback has informed the proposals and where it is not possible to act on feedback in its entirety, the rationale of decisions will be explained in full.