The proposals include 146 new homes (apartments) which is an enabling development, helping to meet the substantial costs of restoring the Town Hall.

We are proposing two residential blocks taking design inspiration from the Town Hall and Hornsey Library. The Town Hall was designed as a series of simple volumes arranged together in a 'group plan'. The blocks are monolithic and are visually softened through the use of detailed metalwork. Stone surrounds create portal around openings in the main elevation. Hornsey Library continues this use of materiality by creating a composition of brick and precast concrete. The concrete has been designed with a relief pattern and creates a bold statement on the simple elevations.

We are using the same material palette as the Town Hall and Library in the proposed residential blocks. This includes heritage bricks, reconstituted stone surrounds, reconstituted stone panels with relief pattern and intricate balcony metalwork. 

Minor revisions to the plans submitted in October in response to local feedback, include a reduction in the height of Block B so it's no longer visible from The Broadway, improvements to the Town Hall Square landscaping and a revised accommodation schedule which includes 11 affordable homes to be located in the Grade II Listed Broadway Annex. This figure represents a considerable increase from the 2010 consented scheme that comprised four affordable units. The location of these units means they are at the heart of the development with the main entrance from Town Hall Square.