Why can’t the Town Hall be left as it is now, with ANA running the Arts Centre there?


The Town Hall requires substantial restoration and refurbishment to allow it to be fully re-opened safely and securely and it’s not possible for Haringey Council to meet the costs of this work without a contribution from an external party.  ANA Arts Projects Ltd has done a fantastic job of bringing parts of the building back into use, however both ANA and Haringey Council recognise the limitations of the building given its current state.  Small scale refurbishment fails to address the long-term restoration that is needed to preserve the building and secure its future.

In addition to the required capital investment, there are significant annual operating and maintenance costs for the building which is still heavily subsidised by Haringey Council.  Simply leaving Hornsey Town Hall as it is will fail to deliver the necessary refurbishment works or fund the running costs of this ageing building.

We are committed to investing around £27m directly into restoring, refurbishing and enhancing the town hall building, which will not only remove it from the register but will very importantly create a focal point at the heart of Crouch End for the local community.