Frequently Asked Questions

The Town Hall requires substantial restoration and refurbishment to allow it to be fully re-opened safely and securely and it’s not possible for Haringey Council to meet the costs of this work without a contribution from an external party. ANA Arts Projects Ltd has done a fantastic job of bringing parts of the building back into use, however both ANA and Haringey Council recognise the limitations of the building given the current state it is in. Small scale refurbishment fails to address the long-term restoration that is needed to preserve the building for a sustainable future. In addition to the required capital investment, there are significant annual operating and maintenance costs for the building which is still heavily subsidised by Haringey Council. Simply leaving Hornsey Town Hall as it is will fail to deliver the necessary refurbishment works or fund the running costs of this ageing building.
Hornsey Town Hall is an iconic landmark for Crouch End and Haringey, with a rich arts and culture heritage. We want to restore the Grade II* listed building and make it accessible to the community and wider public on a permanent basis. Hornsey Town Hall was built in 1935 and is notable as one of the earliest modernist, continental-inspired Town Halls built in inter-war England. Much of the original decorative scheme survives, but it is fragile. The building is on English Heritage’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ register, making restoration even more important.
The recently appointed arts operator, The Time + Space Co, are in discussion with a number of arts organisations including ANA.
We are committed to investing a signifcant sum directly into restoring, refurbishing and enhancing the town hall building, which will not only remove it from the Heritage at Risk register but will very importantly create a focal point at the heart of Crouch End for the local community. The proposal to completely restore the iconic Hornsey Town Hall and deliver a new arts centre, improved town hall square, new café / restaurant, a hotel and new homes. The hotel element of the scheme will help to cover the extensive running costs associated with the town hall guaranteeing its future.
We are committed to investing a signifcant sum directly into restoring, refurbishing and enhancing the Town Hall as well as the Broadway Annexe and making public realm improvements. The proposals will also improve accessibility and generate more usable spaces for a better public offer. The proposals feature a new hotel which will help to cover the extensive running costs associated with the town hall guaranteeing its future and an arts centre, café and flexible community and events spaces for all to enjoy.
No, absolutely not. The hotel is mostly concentrated in the less historically significant parts of the building.
The hotel will have 67 rooms.
The Grade II* listed status of Hornsey Town Hall means that any future development will have to obtain a Listed Building Consent and so it would have to comply with strict rules designed to protect its architectural heritage. We have been working closely with Historic England amongst other heritage/historical groups to ensure compliance and sensitive restoration.
The specific internal areas that are currently allocated for community use include:
  • The Assembly Hall and Foyer access area
  • Supper Room
  • Committee Room
  • Council Chamber
  • Green Room
  • Haringey Council and FEC are both clear that the Town Hall Square and green will remain accessible to the public at all times. The square, as the gateway to the town hall, is an integral part of the scheme and has been included in the site boundary for the lease to guarantee that improvement works are undertaken alongside the restoration of the building. FEC recognises that community use of both the outdoor and indoor spaces is integral to the success of the town hall.
    Continued public access to the square is guaranteed and there will be investment in improvements and ongoing maintenance.
    We recognise the importance of building new affordable homes, however the proportion of affordable housing in this scheme needs to be balanced against the costs and complexity of restoring the Grade II* listed Town Hall and finding a financially sustainable long term future for the building. At present, affordable housing remains subject to viability. A full viability assessment (which sets out the costs of bringing forward the site for development) has been submitted as part of the planning submission. It will be scrutinised by an independent assessor appointed by Haringey Council. Crouch End (FEC) Ltd will continue to look at balancing the needs for the Town Hall with other needs such as affordable housing and will be speaking with the council on the viability as part of the planning submission.
    In late July 2017 we submitted a planning application to Haringey Council for consideration. Assuming planning consent is granted, work on site would start in 2018. This should enable the restored building to open by spring 2020.
    Our research and experience as a hotel operator shows there is demand for hotel rooms in Crouch End. Combined with the increased investment in Alexandra Palace to make it an even bigger events destination and the prospect of a thriving arts offer at Hornsey Town Hall, we are confident a hotel will work at this location.
    Following restoration, large parts of the building will remain open for public access and community use, including a host of activities provided by a specialist arts operator. There will be a period during the construction phase where the hall will not be accessible for health and safety reasons but we will keep this to as short a timeframe as possible.