Planning application submitted for £29million restoration of iconic Hornsey Town Hall site

After a detailed period of local engagement and consultation, Crouch End (FEC) Ltd has submitted plans to restore Hornsey Town Hall. Subject to planning consent, work could begin on site as early as spring 2018.

The proposals will fully restore the Grade II* listed Town Hall and remove it from Historic England’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ register. They will feature a new hotel, arts centre, café and flexible community and events spaces for all to enjoy. The development also includes new homes and improvements to the public space both in front of the Town Hall and on the wider site with a new public space created named Town Hall Gardens.

The designs for Town Hall Square were chosen by local people and were selected because they reflect the historic aspects of the original square. The new design includes planting, restoration of the old fountain and preservation of all existing trees. There will be the same level of green space as exists today.

The cost of restoring the Town Hall, Broadway Annexe and the improvements to the public realm comes in at nearly £29million with surveyed damage to these buildings worse than
originally anticipated. The proposals will also improve accessibility and generate more usable spaces for a better public offer.

John Connolly, Head of UK Development at Crouch End (FEC) Ltd, said:

“We have been working tirelessly on this project since the outset and have sought to reflect the views and interests of local people whilst at the same time ensuring our proposals are realistic and will secure the future of the Town Hall. 

“We believe our proposals are deliverable with a workable hotel offer and flexible space in the Town Hall for the arts operator to adapt to demand. The Crouch End and wider arts community will be crucial to the success of the variety of uses and vibrancy of the Town Hall and we look forward to announcing the appointment of the operator in August”.

Crouch End (FEC) Ltd has signed a Community Use and Access Agreement as part of their Development Agreement with Haringey Council which guarantees public access to, and use of, many parts of the Town Hall. It ensures a minimum number of hours for community use - 60 per cent community use in the community spaces based on the total hours of operation during any period of six months in a calendar year.

At present, the amount of affordable housing remains subject to viability. A full viability assessment (which sets out the costs of bringing forward the site for development) has been submitted as part of the planning submission. It will be scrutinised by an independent assessor appointed by Haringey Council. Crouch End (FEC) Ltd will continue to look at balancing the needs for the Town Hall with other needs such as affordable housing and will be speaking with the council on the viability as part of the planning submission.