What is FEC going to do to the building and site?


FEC is committed to investing around £27m directly into restoring, refurbishing and enhancing the town hall building, which will not only remove it from the register but will very importantly create a focal point at the heart of Crouch End for the local community.

The proposal to completely restore the iconic Hornsey Town Hall and deliver a new arts centre, improved town hall square, new café / restaurant, a boutique hotel and new homes was agreed by Haringey’s cabinet at their meeting on 15th November 2016. The hotel element of the scheme will help to cover the extensive running costs associated with the town hall guaranteeing its future.

 The refurbishment plan will:

  • deliver a new arts centre
  • completely restore and repair the ageing building so it is removed from the Heritage At Risk register          
  • make substantial improvements to the public realm, including better public access to the town hall square
  • deliver a boutique hotel in part of the building
  • deliver two restaurants/cafés